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Duration : 07 Nights / 08 Days
Destinations : Prague, Budapest

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7 Nights 8 Days

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Daily Tour

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Day 1 : City of 1,000 Spires

The city of Prague has a storybook atmosphere cast in its riverside location, looming castle, and countless spires decorating the skyline. The mixture of Baroque, Renaissance, and Gothic architecture offer insight into the eclectic ascetics of the city’s history. Your private transfer meets you at Václav Havel Airport and quickly escorts you to your luxurious hotel situated near the Vltava River. Consider learning more about your European tour operator who strives to make this the most memorable trip of your life. Prague has an energetic atmosphere winding around the streets of Old Town. You can hear the river brush against the banks and stone bridges connecting Old Town to the regal district beneath the castle. The Clementinum National and National Library is one of the largest historical complexes in Europe.

The library contains more than six million books. The Astronomical Tower stands 223 feet tall, providing a tremendous view of the city’s Old Town, and collected spires that perforate the sky. Frescoes decorate the ceiling of Library Hall, which date back to the 18th century. The motifs provide allegories for education and numerous Jesuit saints. The aroma of leather-bound books and rich wooden shelves fills the room. Globes of various sizes embellish the center of the library. The beauty of the exterior architecture and grandeur of the interior design embodies the story of the city, rich with adornments, captivating in its antiquity, and bright with modern charms.

Day 2 : Fit for Nobility

In the morning, the market brims with locals and vendors alike. The aroma of freshly baked bread fills Old Town. Display windows showcase elegant truffles made in the small kitchen at the back of the store. At breakfast, you find a collection of cosmopolitan foods set next to traditional Czech dishes, such as dark rye bread and yeast rolls. The aroma of rich hot chocolate accompanies the sweet pleasures of local honey. After your meal, your guide meets in the hotel lobby ready ­to take you on a marvelous private tour of the city’s regal history. Prague Castle stands tall above the city on Vltava’s left bank. The castle spires rise in a row nestled close together. The complex encompasses an area of more than 403,000 square feet.

The grounds, established in the 9th century, have continued to serve as the seat of Czech monarchs. A series of historic buildings surround the cobblestone courtyard. When you enter the complex, you find a staggering display of eclectic architectural styles due to various restructuring throughout the centuries. In Vladislav Hall, the stone-vaulted ceilings have detailed span over 52 feet and are adorned with winding latticework that resemble vines winding up the ceiling. The wonders of the stately world continue outside the castle grounds and along the Golden Lane.

Day 3 : The Kafkaesque in Prague

The Letna district is nestled between two parks, one of which has a panoramic view of Old Town. In the morning, you can see the sunlight glisten off of the spires of the historic city. A beer garden offers a taste of the Prague culture in the view, the atmosphere, and the flavor of the city’s celebrated beer. After breakfast, your guide greets you at the hotel. You are eager to explore the distinct districts of the old city. The ambiance of the meandering alleyways and hidden lanes create a mixture of settings, ranging from fairytale-like in the pockets of Gothic architecture to reminiscent of espionage dating back to the Soviet era. Your guide leads you to the Jewish Quarter.

The district is filled with Art Nouveau apartment buildings dating back to the 19th century. Historic synagogues encompass a variety of Jewish identities, including Spanish and Eastern European. The Jewish Museum now contains one of the largest collections of sacred Jewish artifacts. The Old-New Synagogue dates back to the 13th century and is one of the oldest working synagogues in Europe. You step down to enter the synagogue’s main doorway as its construction predates the raising of the main street. A 15th-century wrought iron grill surrounds wooden pulpit. The synagogue has a history of secrets, beginning with the legend of the Golem and passing along the traditions of a storytelling heritage.

Day 4 : Seeing the Velvet Revolution

Glass cruise boats float down the Vltava River beginning in the morning. Visitors can take in the skyline of the castle district and Old Town with a single glance. After breakfast, you venture out into the city to explore the locations associated with the Velvet Revolution. People of the Czech Republic refer to the Soviet’s return of the government to its people as “Velvet,” because the revolution was peaceful, and ended in a compromise. Your tour begins in Wenceslas Square, situated in the heart of New Town. The district was erected in the 14th century and has wide lands lined with trees.

Wenceslas Square stretches 2,460 feet long, nearly 197 feet wide, and crowned by the National Museum. In 1989, 250,000 people gathered in the square. From the steps of the National Museum, you can look out over the length of shops, hotels, and restaurants; imagine the crowds of people parading through the city with one common goal. The Prague State Opera opened its doors in the late 19th century and continues to tell the stories written in music by famous conductors. It also highlights the beauty of the building’s architecture as well as the grandeur of a post-communist Prague.

Day 5 : On the Banks of the Danube

In the morning, locals crowd into Misto, a chic café marketing to the Bohemian and energetic peoples of the city. People linger in the natural light pouring through the window and enjoy a traditional or cosmopolitan breakfast accompanied by the sweet, simple pleasures of a freshly brewed coffee. After breakfast, your private transfer meets you at the hotel and escorts you through the mountainous landscape of Central Europe. You approach Budapest from the north and find the wide banks of the Danube.

Its blue waters rush through the center of the city, dividing the districts of Buda and Pest. The city boasts excellent food, delectable wines, and a vibrant culture that embodies the spirit of Hungary. The mountains of Buda rise over the scenic west and to the east of the city is the lush greenery of the Great Plain. You settle into your lavish hotel situated in the heart of the city, where your guide meets you. Your introductory tour takes you along the extensive streets of Pest.

The ornate architecture of Hungarian Parliament stands on the bank of the Danube. The building was erected in the 19th century with a Gothic Revival style. The central dome adorns the symmetrical façade, which overlooks the river. Your guide leads you through the stunning design of the complex, which includes ten courtyards and 29 separate staircases. The central hall contains the Holy Crown of Hungary. The crown dates back a millennium as one of the very few Byzantine crowns to have survived the years.

Day 6 : Buda Introductions

Begin your day atop Castle Hill on the banks of Buda. You can see the rushing waters of the Danube and the expansive reach of Pest. The neighborhood is more than a half a mile atop a limestone plateau standing 557 feet above the river. Caves dot the hillside, filled with natural thermal springs. The air is crisp and cool in the morning. The Royal Palace was erected in the 13th century, and the surrounding Old Town was where the commoners once lived. You can hear the gears of the funicular turning as the carriage travels up and down the bluff. Colorful buildings brighten with the drifting sun.

Gothic arches and Baroque houses continue to line the cobblestone streets. Your guide leads you to Matthias Church, a 14th-century Gothic structure. The tower climbs 262 feet above the forecourt. Colorful patterns and motifs decorate the interior wall where your guide points out fragments of the original stone structure. The stained glass windows create a vibrant array of light streaming into the central nave; the variations of blue cast an ethereal glow in the open space. Your introduction to the culture of the city continues with a culinary exploration, indulging in the flavors of the cuisine and wine celebrated throughout the world.

Day 7 : Searching for the Empire

Budapest was once the co-capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, sharing the duties and delight of the kingdom with Vienna. The grace and grandeur of the empire’s historical culture remain prominent in certain areas of Budapest. After breakfast, you follow your guide through the diverse streets of the city in search of the elegance for which the city was once known, and for which Budapest is once again gaining prominence. Your tour begins at the 19th-century Opera House located in the heart of Pest. The structure is considered one of the best opera houses in the world due to its lavish characteristics and wonderful acoustics. The auditorium can hold up to 1,200 people. A staircase with an elaborate wooden rail traverses the marble arches and vaulted roofs. A fresco by Károly Lotz depicts the Greek gods on Olympus. The radiance from the Opera House derives from the graceful structure and memorable décor. In the afternoon, you can cross the riverbanks and return to Buda to relish a tranquil moment soaking in the city’s famous Thermal Baths.

Day 8 : The City from the Sky

In the morning, street vendors pile Lángos high on their stalls. Locals love the delectable fried flat bread, often covering the bread in cheese or garlic. The energy of the city is undeniable. You can spot glass-dome boats traversing the Danube near the House of Parliament. Across the river, the Castle continues to watch over the historic cityscape. People walk along the largest street in the city, the Grand Boulevard, and enjoy the deluxe shops and vibrant displays. After breakfast, your private transfer escorts you from your hotel to Ferihegy Airport for your flight home. You have experienced the splendor of Budapest and Prague that has bordered on the legendary. You could always extend your time in Europe and indulge in more of what the continent has to offer.

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