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There has been a paradigm shift in the teaching methods used by the present day trainers. The mostly used and abused method of training namely the ‘Lecture Method’ is not the only method used now days by the trainers. There are more than 100 methods of training available to trainers. The choice of method adopted depends upon the objectives, the entry behaviour, the resources available and the entry behaviour of the trainee and so on. However, one of the methods available is known as ‘Educational Tour or a Field Trip’. An Educational Tour or A Field Trip is a visit to a place away from their normal place of study. The purpose of this trip is to provide students an experience outside the class rooms or labs. It also provides an opportunity non experimental research and helps bring all the students to a common platform irrespective of their social, economic & cultural background.

While on an educational tour/field trip students have the opportunity to have lively discussion in an informal set up. Experience gathered during a field trip to vineyards, hotels, tourist places, factories, breweries etc. are of immense benefit to students and help make learning fun and long lasting.

Educational Tour/Field Trips also provide an opportunity to students to evolve and be on their own which helps make them independent Interactions with people outside helps improve communication skills and makes them more accommodating. The educational tour/field trip helps in developing overall personality of students.

  • Taj Mahal Tour Agra
  • Pink City - Jaipur
  • Taj Mahal Bharatpur
  • Pink City Ranthambore
  • Taj Mahal Pink City
  • Jim Corbett Jungle Safari
  • Shimla Kasuali Hills
  • Taj Mahal Ranthambore
  • Pink City Bharatpur
  • Shimla Hills Chandigarh
  • Kasauli Hills
  • Nahan Hills
  • Chail Hills
  • Rishikesh Adventure
  • Holy Dharamshala
  • Dalhousie – Kangra Valley
  • Mussoorie Queens of Hills
  • Nainital Hills and Lakes
  • The Lake City - Udaipur
  • Nainital and Jungle Safari
  • Mussoorie Rishikesh
  • Go Goa Beach Tour
  • Golden Triangle Jungle Safari
  • Snowy Manali
  • The Lake City Mount Abu
  • Rajasthan Desert Safari
  • Central India Culture Tour
  • Kangra Valley
  • Dalhousie Golden Temple
  • Darjeeling Calling

While on an educational tour to a new property or place is great fun, its main objective is learning. It exposes the students to the outside world, be it local & global issues. It improves them with a new prospective and helps in developing overall personality.

While on an educational tour/field trip a student has the opportunity of interacting with different people which helps develop social behavior and create a social network, contacts & references. It gives them an opportunity to inculcate the habit of travelling alone & in groups and making them more empathetic towards fellow students.

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