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Duration : 06 Nights / 07 Days
Destinations : Akureyri, Borgarfjordur, Hvammstangi, Varmahlid, Skagafjordur, Saudarkrokur, Myvatn, Dimmuborgir, Namaskard, Husavik, Asbyrgi, Egilsstadir, Hofn, Hveragerdi

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6 Nights 7 Days

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Daily Tour

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Day 1 : Varmahlid – Arrive in Iceland and Enjoy a Scenic Drive to Skagafjordur Bay

You will likely hold your partner’s hand as your plane descends into Keflavik International Airport. In the summer and spring, the lush grass spreads to the shoreline whereas in the autumn, the trees turn shades of auburn and gold. In the winter, a thin blanket of snow spreads to the hills. Whatever your first image, the countryside adds the brilliant sheen of the plains and the shimmering cobalt waters of the Atlantic. You will land at the airport and your private transfer will greet you at baggage claim. You leave the airport and pass through Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, as you drive on Highway No. 1, which is known as the Ring Road. Around the town of Stadarskali, small farmhouses begin to rise along the pastoral landscape as white church spires stand above the rolling hills.

Near the town of Hvammstangi, the turquoise water from the fjord laps against the emerald grass shoreline as white houses with red roofs contrast with the green and blue hues of the natural landscape. The geothermal activity allows locals to cultivate tropical and sub-tropical fruits and vegetables in the abundant greenhouses around the region. You can stop at Hraunfossar Waterfalls, also referred to as the Lava Waterfalls where rivulets emerge from beneath the mossy lava field and cover a distance of more than 2,950 feet. The lava originally flowed from an erupting volcano located beneath the Langjokull Glacier and the water streams over the boulders and rocks that feed into the Hvita River.

You can stand and watch as the water turns an icy blue as if filters into the river. The combination of rugged lava rocks, soft moss, and streaming water creates an unparalleled romantic atmosphere. If the two of you prefer adventure, you can make your way to the Surtshellir in the same lava field. The cave is famous for its length, making it the longest ice cave in Iceland at more than two miles deep. In the colder months, ice crystals form like thin, long candles along the deeper recesses of the cave. Even on your first day in Iceland, you will have already shared adventure, seclusion, and beauty which will set the tone for your entire tour.

Day 2 : Akureyri – Ride Horseback and Visit a Folk Museum en route to Akureyri

The region of Skagafjordur is renowned for its dramatic landscape and beautiful horses. Glacial rivers foam with rapids as snow spills down the slopes of the Trollaskagi Mountains. Sailboats venture to the remote island of Drangey, and the historical Icelandic Sagas provide cultural texture to the captivating scenery. After breakfast, your guide will meet you at your hotel and escort you to a local farm known for breeding horses, in a region referred to as the cradle of the country’s horsemanship. The history of horse and man’s connection in the region stems from the settlement of Iceland.

The Icelandic breed of horse is immediately noticeable as the animals have a smaller but broader build and stand an average height of 56 inches. Their manes grow long and flow in the breeze as they run across the fields, and you will mount your horse and follow your guide along the expanse of lush grass. The horses are obedient and steady under your hand, and the two of you will trot along the trail to take in the beauty of the scenery as it sits unchanged from a millennium ago. Pass through lush valleys and edge the foothills of rugged mountains.

Your guide will give you a history lesson of the region as well, offering you a mixture of majestic sites and inspiring legend. After your tour, you can make your way to Glaumbaer Folk Museum, a historical farm from the 19th century with row of preserved wood facades topped with turf roofs. The rustic dwellings provide a glimpse of traditional Iceland living as locals in the area lived in tuft-topped houses until the 1940s. The exhibits showcase artifacts from farms and clothing once used in the countryside.

Day 3 : Myvatn – Relish a Tour of the Unique Landscape around Lake Myvatn

After spending time in the small towns around the north, Akureyri, Iceland’s second-largest city, will feel like a metropolis. The city rests along Eyjafjardur, Iceland’s longest fjord that stretches 37 miles long and is nestled at the base of snow-capped peaks. Manicured gardens blossom with pastel roses and peonies that contradict the city’s setting near the Arctic Circle. After breakfast, you will leave Akureyri behind for the unforgettable and dramatic landscape of Myvatn. En route, you can stop at Godafoss, one of the most celebrated waterfalls in Iceland.

The Skjalfandafljot River travels through the countryside for more than 108 miles and spills over the falls at the height of nearly 40 feet. Mist rises from the river below after the water thunders over the cliff and the falls have an arching, semi-horseshoe shape that is noticeable from the top angle. The waterfall obtained its name during Iceland’s reformation to Christianity, when the law-speaker of the time threw his idols over the precipice in the year 1,000 AD. You will soon arrive at Dimmuborgir, a fairytale-like wonderland that has been formed by volcanic rocks, located east of Lake Myvatn.

The area is famous for its mysterious rocks that have given birth to legends of trolls and elves living in the area. The region was created more than 2,300 years ago after a violent volcanic eruption. The lava flowed for eight miles and turned the shallow lake into bubbling puddles before the lake retreated completely. Follow the pathways alongside the Church Path, and the trail will lead you to an open cave with a high roof that is shaped like a dome. The natural edifice resembles a church, lending the path its name and you can walk along the trails and feel as though the two of you are the only two people in the entire fantastical world.

Day 4 : Egilsstadir – Travel the Tjornes Peninsula to View Dettifoss Waterfall

The only thing better than experiencing the wonder of Iceland is to share the experience with the one you love. Today, you will leave behind the stunning scenery of Lake Myvatn and make your way towards the town of Egilsstadir. Stop at the town of Husavik, located on the eastern shores of Skjalfandi Bay, as cows graze on the dairy farms and fishing boats return to the shore from a morning out on the water. Whale pods often swim near this coastline in the summer and fascinate visitors from near and far.

Husavik started the first whale watching tour in the 1990s and continues to draw people from all over the world to its harbor in search of an unforgettable time spent watching for whales. The two of you could climb aboard a boat and sail the ocean blue in search of the 12 different species of whales that feed near the coast in the summer. A humpback whale can weigh up to 40 tons and can live for approximately 95 years. You can see them raise their flukes above the water, resembling an upside down arrow.

Each fluke has a distinctive design, similar to a fingerprint. It is easy to get caught up in the moment as you hold each other close as you watch the whales flip their fin out of the sea. Once back on shore, you will continue to the cliffs of Asbyrgi, a nearly two-mile long canyon with walls that climb 328 feet tall. Follow the gorge to Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in Iceland that has a height of 144 feet, and a width of nearly 30 feet. The water creates a mighty crash as it trundles over the precipice into the whitewater below.

Day 5 : Skaftafell – Venture to Hofn and Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon near Skaftafell

Today you will leave the town of Egilsstadir after breakfast and make your way south to the fishing village of Hofn. The scenery undulates between the towering mountains and the rugged lowlands. Breiddalur Valley is the largest lowland area in the east fjords and contains the Breiddalsa River, known for its prolific salmon. Pass through the small Jorvik forest, home to European Aspen trees and the scent of pine will spread through the air and overtake the semi-salty scent of the sea. Before reaching Hofn, you will notice the scenery change dramatically.

The pyramid shape of Bulandstindur, a mountain more than 3,500 feet above sea level, will fade behind the horizon as Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier, comes into view. The ice covers an area of 3,100 square miles. After passing through the charming fishing village of Hofn, you will stop at the shores of Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon, which is Iceland’s deepest at a depth of more than 800 feet. The water reflects the icebergs that rise above the surface as the two of you board a zodiac boat to explore the spectacular waterway.

The cold air will pinch your cheeks as you pass within an arm’s reach of a towering iceberg. Your guide will break off a piece of ice for you both to try, and your guide will tell you that the ice is over 1,000 years old as the slushy texture nearly numbs your mouth. The tongue of Breidamerkurjokull Glacier, an offshoot of Vatnajökull Glacier, frames the lagoon’s edge and your boat will moor at a safe distance for you to see the towering wall. When the ice calves, you can see the spouting dust before you hear the cracking sound.

Day 6 : Reykjavik – Discover the Beauty of the South Coast en route to Reykjavik

In the morning, you will find purple wildflowers growing along the plains of Skaftafell as blankets of snow linger on the mountain peaks. After breakfast, you will leave the comforts of your hotel and begin on the road to Reykjavik. Outside of the town of Kirkjubaejarklaustur, you will find the basalt columns referred to as the “Church Floor.” The passage of time and the natural elements have smoothed down the top of the columns and moss has grown around the columns as well. Visitors have mistaken the natural formation for an antique church floor.

In the town, you will find the Steingrimsson Memorial Chapel as lush fields surround the edifice best known for its survival during the 18th-century Laki Volcano eruption. Many of the town-folk entered the church to hear the fiery sermon of the preacher as the lava flowed closer to the edifice. During the sermon, the lava inched to the edge of the church and stopped before reaching the wall which saved everyone inside. Halfway between Vik and Reykjavik sits the Secret Lagoon, a hot spring located near the small village of Fludir.

Steam rises from the ground to create an ethereal and tranquil environment. A small geyser erupts every five minutes and provides a small show for visitors. The two of you can step into the soothing, warm water that rises to a temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Locals visit the secret lagoon to enjoy the mineral content of the mud and the secluded location off the Ring Road. After you rinse the water from your body, you will continue to Reykjavik to take in the waterfalls and the farmland found along the way.

Day 7 : Reykjavik – Depart for Home

Reykjavik is an active and thriving city that exudes a youthful ambiance. Thjornin Lake divides the city into to sections and houses a myriad of bird life. Colorful houses provide a jovial glow to the streets as the scent of decadent coffee emanates from Kaffitar, a cafe celebrated by locals. A grotto near the lighthouse retains hot water year round, and curious locals found the area and like to keep it for themselves to soak their feet to take in the stunning view of the water. You will have circled Iceland together and found friendly people, dramatic scenery, and endless passion. After breakfast, your private transfer will meet you at your hotel and escort you to Keflavik International Airport for your flight home. If your flight is later in the day, you can spend time at the famous Blue Lagoon to soak in the milky blue water and enjoy another romantic moment relaxing in the hot spring.

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