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Duration : 19 Nights / 20 Days
Destinations : Denmark, Greenland, Canada

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19 Nights 20 Days

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Daily Tour

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Day 1 : Toward the World’s Largest Island

Starting with a flight from Copenhagen, you arrive late in the evening at the international airport in Kangerlussuaq. After a transfer to the port and embarkation on your expedition ship MS Fridtjof Nansen, we will sail almost the entire length of the fjord (118 miles) before reaching the open sea.

Day 2 : `The People Living in a Place of Fox Dens’

Sisimiut is the second largest town in Greenland, situated 25 miles north of the Arctic Circle. It is a modern, growing settlement with a history that goes back 4,500 years. For example, its name means `The People Living in a Place of Fox Dens.´ There are a variety of optional excursions to discover the area.

Day 3 : Where Icebergs are Born

This small town is set in the stunning scenery of the Ilulissat Icefjord UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the mouth of the fjord you can see enormous icebergs that have run aground. These ice masses originate from the Jakobshavn Glacier, one of the fastest-moving glaciers in the world. Join one of our many excursions here.

Day 4 : Crossing the Davis Strait and up into Baffin Bay

This strait was named after English explorer John Davis, who searched for a route through the Northwest Passage between 1585 and 1587. Wind down and watch the waves aboard the ship or enjoy a lecture from the Expedition Team as we head north toward Baffin Island.

Day 5-16 : Exploring and Attempting to Circumnavigate Baffin Island

After crossing the Davis Strait and sailing up through Baffin Bay, we arrive at the northern part of Baffin Island and the entrance to the legendary Northwest Passage. From here, we start our exploration of the Canadian High Arctic and attempt to complete a circumnavigation of Baffin Island, provided the elements work in our favor. Unpredictable ice conditions in this remote region mean that this attempt is a true expedition – we don´t know if we will complete the full circumnavigation, but we do know the attempt will be a great adventure. Along the way, we aim to land at sites that are linked to early exploration history, visit traditional Inuit communities, and hope to spot Arctic wildlife such as polar bears, foxes, whales, seals, and large colonies of seabirds. There will also be opportunities for small explorer boat cruising between ice floes, and in true expedition style, we will go ashore and experience the pristine wilderness first hand. The ship captain and Expedition Leader will continuously assess the current weather and sea conditions, adapt activities accordingly, and adjust the itinerary to where the sea ice allows us to go. Like all true explorers, we respect and work with nature, not against it. Here are some of the places in the region that we plan to explore together: Pond Inlet Picturesque Pond Inlet, called ‘Mittimatalik’ in Inuktitut, is a traditional Inuit community on Baffin Island. It overlooks Eclipse Sound and the mountains of Bylot Island and is known as a great place to see large pods of narwhal. Devon Island Welcome to the largest uninhabited island on Earth. The only signs of human life are at the long-abandoned settlement of Dundas Harbour along with several archaeological sites from the Thule period. Prince Leopold Island The sheer cliffs on this oval isle attract the largest number and greatest diversity of seabird species in the Canadian Arctic. Most commonly seen are thick-billed murres, northern fulmars, and black guillemots. Beechey Island This is the final resting place for three members of the lost Franklin expedition that sailed into the Northwest Passage in 1845 but never returned. It is customary for explorers to stop and pay their respects, as Roald Amundsen did in 1903. Fort Ross An abandoned Hudson’s Bay Trading post located at the southern end of Somerset Island, the storehouse here is still used as a shelter by occasional travellers, with bunk beds and shelves of canned goods. Igloolik Located on a small island, this hamlet is an active and vibrant community, and considered a cultural center for the Inuit. It is also home to Artcirq, the only Inuit circus troupe in the world, who host an arts festival here every summer. Cape Dorset This beautiful settlement, situated on a hill next to a bay, has earned international recognition for its many Inuit artists, inspired by the unique landscapes, wildlife, and cultural traditions here. Kimmirut Named ‘the Heel’ for a distinctive rocky outcrop in nearby Glasgow Inlet, this is Baffin Island’s southernmost Inuit community. The 400 people here still maintain the traditions carried out by their ancestors 4,000 years ago. Akpatok Island The dramatic towering limestone sea cliffs here, with waterfalls cascading off the plateau above, are a key habitat for many migratory birds. Drifting ice floes also attract walrus, seals, foxes, polar bears, and whales.

Day 17-18 : Across the Labrador Sea

We cross the Labrador Sea back toward Kangerlussuaq. Days at sea are spent at your leisure aboard the ship. Relax while gazing out at the view, learn more from the knowledgeable Expedition Team in our lecture series, or swap experiences of the expedition with your fellow explorers.

Day 19 : The Reindeer Glacier

Returning to Kangerlussuaq, we take a trip to the Reindeer Glacier at the Greenland ice sheet, stretching 1,500 miles north and reaching heights of up to 10,500 feet above sea level. Enjoy a farewell barbecue meal aboard MS Fridtjof Nansen before disembarking and transferring to the airport for a late evening flight to Copenhagen.

Day 20 : Capital of Denmark

Arrive at Copenhagen airport early in the morning before you head home. Alternatively, extend your trip to explore how this trendy and thriving capital mixes royal history and modern architecture with sustainable living and a world-class restaurant scene.

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