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Duration : 19 Nights / 20 Days
Destinations : Sydney, Melbourne, Kata Tjuta, Uluru (Ayers Rock) & Kata, Daintree National Rainfor, Port Douglas, Queenstown, Milford Sound

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19 Nights 20 Days

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Daily Tour

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Day 1 : Sydney - Arrive in Captivating Sydney

Sydney is a cosmopolitan city that rises out of the Pacific and and home to the Opera House and the staggering height of the Tower Eye, which reaches over 1,013 feet tall. The popular beauty of the city spreads from the beaches of golden sands to the vibrant colors of the Royal Botanic Gardens with orchids, palms, and begonias. Your private transfer will meet you Sydney’s Kingsford Smith International Airport upon your arrival and escort you into the heart of the city at Shangri-La Sydney. Your luxury accommodations will highlight the marvels of the city with fabulous panoramic views of the renowned Sydney Harbour that sweep from the Opera House to the Harbour Bridge. The remainder of the day will be at your leisure to relax among Sydney’s beauty.

Day 2 : Sydney - Embrace Sydney and Sydney Harbour

In the morning, the hotel dining room will fill with the aromas of Australia’s famous flat white, an espresso-based drink. After breakfast, your guide will meet you at the hotel and escort you on a private tour of Sydney that will take you across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The landmark was built in the 1930s and remains the largest steel arch bridge in the world, reaching nearly 440 above the water. At Manly Beach, you can find locals cycling around the track and surfers riding the waves.

After spending time enjoying the beauty of the Royal Botanic Gardens and the views from Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair, you will continue to Sydney Harbour for a sailing cruise. The comfortable, stylish, and luxurious yacht will take you past the billowing sails of the Sydney Opera House to view the gorgeous homes that are decorate the coastline along Darling Point and Point Piper. The cool sea breeze will carry a briny aroma as you glide along the calm waters and return back to Darling Harbour.

Day 3 : Sydney - Witness the Wondrous Blue Mountains

Outside of Sydney, your private transfer will guide you to the preserved heritage of Blue Mountains National Park. Before diving deep into the natural landscape of eucalyptus trees and rugged rock formations, you will uncover the stunning wildlife at Fetherdale Wildlife Park, where you can meet the native koala and hand-feed the kangaroos. Emus wander the grounds and graze on the grasses, and wallabies lounge in the shade. When you reach the outlook of the Jamison Valley, you may notice the blue haze that stems from the way the light hits the eucalyptus forest, contrasting the orange hues of the rock formations.

The iconic Three Sisters are sandstone pillars that soar upwards of 2,952 feet above the valley floor, edging the 800 steps of the Giant Stairway. The most famous lookout in Australia will showcase the grandeur of Govett’s Leap and offer you a sensational view of a waterfall that spills 550 feet to the base of the sandstone cliff. You will return to your hotel after exploring Mt. Tomah Botanic Gardens, where you can bask in the serene ambiance of the Blue Mountains with a glass of sparkling wine while allowing the crisp aromas of citrus fruits to accentuate your surroundings.

Day 4 : Uluru - Fly to the Renowned Red Centre

You can indulge in the flavors of breakfast at your leisure before your private transfer meets you in the hotel lobby. Your flight will take you from Sydney to the sweeping orange and pale green hues of Australia’s Red Centre for a stay at the marvelous Longitude 131. You will have an immersive experience with the Outback at your doorstep after settling into the luxury basecamp that offers you exceptional views of the celebrated monolith Uluru in the distance. The remainder of the day will be at your leisure to discover the Outback at your preferred pace, from embarking on a Red Centre Safari to embracing the soothing ambiance of the hotel spa.

The vast landscape will make you feel dwarfed by nature in the shadow of the monolith, whose history spans more than 600 million years. At sunset, you can witness the famous shifting colors of Uluru as the light shifts over the rock’s surface, peeling back the renowned red stone and changing the rock from glowing orange to soft purple. In the evening, you can revel in the majestic ambiance of the Field of Light installation, where 50,000 stems topped with frosted spheres illuminate the landscape with Uluru acting as a stunning backdrop.

Day 5 : Uluru - Tour Magnificent Uluru and Kata Tjuta

The days will be yours to venture into the remarkable wilderness with your guide and to experience the depth of the Outback in both its natural majesty and preserved cultural heritage. At Kata Tjuta, you will find 36 polished dome-like rock formations that shape the landscape with slopes and alleys winding between each protruding rockface. The scent of dry earth will fade when you find natural pools that are protected from the desert heat. Walpa Gorge will feel like you are walking into an ancient temple, and you will notice the dramatic walls that hide clusters of daisies spearwood.

Wallabies will hop around the domes as your guide shares the Aboriginal legends that explain the formation of the unique rock formations. When you return to Uluru, you will continue the explore the base of the sandstone monolith that reaches a circumference of nearly six miles and a height of 1,141 feet tall. You can find pockets of Uluru decorated with cave paintings that date back millennia with images that represent animals, natural springs, and people. You can listen to the stories the artwork tells and the legends, making Uluru such an important part of the local Aborigine culture.

Day 6 : Port Douglas - Fly to Australia’s Tropical North

You can wake up early to enjoy the stunning sunrise over Uluru, during which the shadowed purple once again fades to the vibrant red for which the monolith is known. After a delicious breakfast, your private transfer will escort you to the airport for your flight to the tropical north. The scenery will change drastically, from the expansive flatlands of the Outback to the flood of the verdant rainforest, white-sand beaches, and crystal-blue water of Queensland. Your flight will land at Cairns International Airport, where your private transfer will meet you upon your arrival and take you to the tranquil and chic town of Port Douglas and the Coconut Grove Port Douglas.

The exclusive luxury apartment will create a tranquil oasis between the white sands of Four-Mile Beach and the emerald canopy of the lush mountains, giving you easy access and fabulous views of the Coral Sea. The remainder of the day will be at your leisure to discover the marvels of Port Douglas at your preferred pace. You can relax in the comforts of your luxury accommodation or take to the soft, creamy sand of Four-Mile Beach to dip your toes into the warm turquoise water that is fringed with tropical foliage.

Day 7 : Port Douglas - Explore the Great Barrier Reef

Your private driver will take you from the hotel to the marina in the morning to board the Quicksilver, a wave-piercing catamaran, bound for the Great Barrier Reef. The renowned heritage site is the largest coral reef in the world and spans more than 1,429 miles to create a marvelous ecosystem of islands, cays, mangroves forest, and reefs. Your luxury catamaran will glide over the crystal-clear waters to reach a viewing platform that will offer you an underwater observatory.

You can view the captivating life in the water where vibrant tropical colors are visible up to 82 feet in the distance. You can dive into the water on a snorkeling excursion and enjoy the warm temperatures of around 86 degrees Fahrenheit while searching for images of timid clownfish poking their heads out of billowing sea anemones. With hundreds of species of coral, your guide onboard the platform can explain some of the sea pends, blue corals, and sea fans around the protected marine park that help feed the variety of life, such as butterflyfish, parrotfish, and over 35 species of rays.

Day 8 : Port Douglas - View Daintree Rainforest’s Marvels

The legendary beauty and captivating mythology of Daintree Rainforest will become your focus when you follow your Aboriginal guide through the histories of Kuku Yalanji people and their land. The tropical climate will swell beneath the dense canopy as your guide helps you explore the natural and mythical wonders, from the local food to medicines taken directly from the flora. You can try your hand at the hunt after your guide instructs you how to collect shellfish on the shore. The sound of the tide will offer a tranquil soundtrack at the edge of the rainforest as you search for mud crabs along the shoreline.

You will feel the important connection with the landscape as your guide has you participate in the important rituals of the local Kuku Yalanji, who have lived off the land for millennia. The legends of the region will only enhance your understanding of the layered beauty of the tropical rainforest as you embrace the preserved traditions and passed-down legends. You will be surrounded by the emerald canopy, golden sands, blue water, and the sounds of chirping frogs.

Day 9 : Melbourne - Reach Melbourne’s Bohemian Charm

Melbourne is a large city with neighborhoods that feel like small towns, each with their own European ambiance. Your private transfer will take you to the airport for your flight to Melbourne, where you can spend the day relaxing in the beauty of the Park Hyatt Melbourne. The warm ambiance will welcome you to the city that is accentuated by luxurious amenities and personalized services with easy access to arcades, lanes, and riverside walks, giving Melbourne its celebrated artistic atmosphere.

In the evening, your guide will meet you at the hotel to introduce you to the cuisine of the cosmopolitan city in the Bohemian characters and artistic aesthetics who have decorated the more than 230 laneways that wind through the heart the city with restaurants, bars, cafes, and art galleries. The aromas of baklava will highlight the city’s reputation for hosting the largest population of Greeks in the world outside of Greece. Quiet bars will showcase local distilleries that serve whiskey made inside the state of Victoria. You will sample the diverse cuisine with the flavors of each dish, showcasing the diversity of Melbourne’s history and culture, from lamb roast and a hot jam donut to banh mi and avocado toast.

Day 10 : Melbourne - Travel the Great Ocean Road

The magnificence of the Great Ocean Road will take you along the Southern Ocean through the day, allowing you to stop at a variety of beaches, towns, and natural monuments along the way. Your private driver will take you along a port of the 151 miles of the entire scenic coastline with stops beginning with the likes of Lorne to visit the Great Ocean Road Memorial Archway. The tribute was built for the soldiers who helped construct the road and provides a great spot to commemorate the beginning of your road trip. At Apollo Bay, you will find one of the most picturesque areas of the drive when your driver navigates the twisting road and thundering sounds of the crashing ocean waves.

You can stop at the Great Otway National Park, where koalas snack on the eucalyptus leaves, and the trees provide a sweet aroma to the air. Parrots will call out with loud collective squawks, and the towering hardwood trees will offer insight into the ancient life of the local forest. You will continue to the iconic image of the Great Ocean Road at the 12 Apostles inside Port Campbell National Park. The seven majestic rocks rise out of the pounding surf as spires and are visible from the sea cliffs. The limestone pillars reach upwards of 150 feet tall and were shaped by a combination of rain, wind, and waves over thousands of years.

Day 11 : Melbourne - Visit with Kangaroos and Koalas

Your guide will escort you out of Melbourne for the day to reach You Yangs Regional Park, which encompasses over 31 miles of trails and Aboriginal cultural landscape that is connected to the Wadawurrung People. You can take the 450 steps to reach the top of Flinders Peak on the western volcanic plains. Your guide will introduce you to the local flora and fauna for a better understanding of the native rees, from the manna gum and tall eucalyptus to the rare sightings of echidnas, which can grow up to 17 inches long and have a spiny exterior similar to a porcupine.

As you follow the trails through the volcanic plains, you may find kangaroos nibbling on the grasses and basking in the shade of the scattered trees. Once in Serendip National Park, you can explore the 617 acres of protected scenery where magpie geese dip their feet into the shallow edges of Serendip Lake. Eastern grey kangaroos enjoy the open landscape, and emus wander easily around the bushland. You may view whistling kites that as they soar overhead or view yellow-billed spoonbills that sift through the mud at the shallow billabong.

Day 12 : Queenstown - Reach New Zealand for a Welcome Tour

After breakfast, you will transfer to Melbourne International Airport for your flight to Queenstown, New Zealand. While known as the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown has a dynamic ambiance that stems from cosmopolitan dining, celebrated art galleries, access to world-famous vineyards, and the surroundings of jagged mountain peaks and glistening water. The snowcapped peaks of the Remarkables Mountains will shape the horizon, and you will settle into the exceptional pleasures of Azur Lodge Queenstown. Your private villa will immerse you in New Zealand’s famous landscapes with a stunning view of the mountains and lake in addition to giving you easy access to Queenstown’s lively downtown.

In the afternoon, your welcome to New Zealand will take shape in the form of a lakeshore, forest, and bird walk led by a local guide. The native flora and avifauna thrive in the micro-climate between the lake and the mountains. As you follow the trails through the cool and refreshing temperature of the South Island, your guide will point out medicinal plants used by Maori and captivating beech forest. Your guide may point out the often-overlooked New Zealand Scaup, a diving duck with striking yellow eyes and a white wing that submerges down to 10 feet when hunting.

Day 13 : Queenstown - Revel in Milford Sound’s Grandeur

Your day will begin with a scenic flight over New Zealand’s diverse landscape between Queenstown and Milford Sound. The brief 35-minute flight will give you panoramic views of the stunning alpine scenery. Snowcapped peaks, hanging glaciers, and glassy lakes will contrast the jade forests that blanket the steep mountain slopes. When you land at Milford Sound, you will have a more intimate experience on the natural fjord with a cruise to the Tasman Sea.

The scent of pine will fill the air and mix with the briny aroma of the sea as the onboard specialist informs you of the dynamic micro-climates, wildlife, and wilderness of Milford Sound. The powerful roar of Stirling Falls will echo between the bordering cliffs as the 495-foot cascade splashes into the placid water. The water travels from the top of a 4,265-foot tall mountain peak and offers a tremendous backdrop to your cruise as you search for bottlenose dolphins and penguins skimming through the water.

Day 14 : Queenstown - Follow the Marvelous Routeburn Track

Your private guide will lead you out of Queenstown for the day, and you will travel along the northwest trail bound of the famous Routeburn Track. The entire route encompasses nearly 20 miles and travels between Lake Wakatipu to Te Anau, reaching up to 4,300 feet at its highest elevation. Your knowledgeable guide will lead you to the best vantage points that showcase the breathtaking diversity of New Zealand’s South Island. Here, snow-capped peaks soar above the expansive farmland.

When you reach Mount Aspiring National Park, you will find a wonderland of hidden scenery that emanates from the tussocks, lichens, and flowering herbs. You may spot yellow-crowned parakeet in the forest as they babble and chatter when feeding. They can grow up to nearly nine inches long and shine with a golden crown over emerald plumage. The surrounding forest is more than 130 million years old and allows you to wander through the ferns and around the beech trees while embracing the celebrated New Zealand pastime of trekking the preserved wilderness.

Day 15 : Franz Josef - Venture to the Charm of Franz Josef

You will set out to reach the Te Waonui Forest Retreat in the morning where your luxury lodge will provide a stunning escape from the city, immersing you in the pristine wilderness of New Zealand’s Glacier Country. The five-star accommodation allows you to get in touch with nature while celebrating luxury, such as offering five-course tasting menus that feature local ingredients and an innovative ambiance in which you can unwind. Your private driver will meet you in the hotel lobby after breakfast and lead you on the scenic drive that crosses the South Island, taking you from the east to the west coast.

You can stop in Arrowtown for a view of New Zealand’s gold rush in the mid-19th century after gold was discovered on the Arrow River. Trees line the avenues and shade the more than 60 buildings that share an element of the regional history and are accompanied by rustic facades. At Haast Pass, you will follow the Maori pathway that is shaped by melting glaciers. Passing over the Gates of Haast will take you to an elevation of 1,850 feet above sea level and give way to images of the converging rivers and Fantail Falls, which trundles down 75 feet of the mountainside. When you reach the coastline, you may spot the rare Hector’s dolphin in the water, which can grow over five feet long and is distinctive for their rounded dorsal fin.

Day 16 : Franz Josef - Enjoy a Heli Tour and Glacier Country

The morning will take shape with a helicopter tour of Franz Josef Glacier. The whip and roar of the helicopter will become an unforgettable soundtrack to your experience when you lift off into the sky on a private expiration of the glacier’s eight-mile snowfield stretched across the Southern Alps. You may see the sunlight glint against the blue ice during your exhilarating tour that overlooks the pristine environment below. After settling back down on land, you will continue with your discovery of the glacier with a hike on its icy surface.

Your guide will secure your gear before you hear the crunch of your crampons cling to the glacier’s slippery surface. The ice will no longer look uniform, and you may notice how the dips and tunnels have formed over the millennia, including deep crevices and glowing blue waves that will seem frozen in time. Instead of walking on the glacier’s surface, you may choose to visit Okarito Lagoon, where you can kayak on the unspoiled wetlands in search of the more than 70 bird species including kingfishers and black swans.

Day 17 : Christchurch - Delight in the TranzAlpine Rail

Christchurch is the largest city on the South Island and retains a sense of its English influence as it emerged from the destruction of two major earthquakes, showing the community’s resilience, spirit, and creativity. Before you board the Tranzalpine train at Greymouth, you will visit stop in Hokitika, a seaside town famous for the greenstone. The town seemingly glints along the west coast, and artists thrive by carving, buffing, and polishing the greenstone into artisanal crafts like glassware and textiles. Grand buildings from the 19th century continue to line the streets, and the sounds of lapping waves splash against the coastline.

You will travel across the Southern Alps once more, this time basking in the comforts of Tranzalpine train, which is considered one of the most scenic journeys in the world. Your car may fill with the floral aromas of tea and the comforting scents of hot chocolate when you pass lush beech forest that blanket the mountains when traveling through the Canterbury Plains. Your private driver will meet you at the trains station upon your arrival and escort you to The George, a five-star boutique hotel celebrated for its impeccable service and attention to detail. The intimate ambiance will accentuate the soothing comforts of your room as you enjoy a view over Hagley Park and the picturesque waters of the River Avon.

Day 18 : Rotorua - Fly to the North Island at Rotorua

In the morning, the sunlight will spread across the blossoming flowers of the Botanic Gardens as punters return to the River Avon. Azaleas and daffodils will texture the grasses with lively colors before your private transfer takes you to the airport for your flight to Rotorua. The combination of natural and cultural wonders will emerge from the geothermal caldera, revealing the landscape as a living entity. As the center for authentic Maori culture, the town embraces the surrounding scenery and celebrates the preservation of traditions that are embodied in the custom of hospitality known as manaakitanga.

You can indulge in the boutique charms of the Black Swan Hotel that will offer you a unique getaway with garden and lakeside views. Each room offers a serene ambiance with local luxuries designed with quality in mind, from the rose garden to the secret grotto, a private jetty to the sandy lakeshore. You will have a self-guided tour of the majestic Redwoods Treewalk in the afternoon to explore the canopy and biodiversity of the 246-foot tall redwood trees. You will walk along the suspended bridges spanning a total of 2,296 feet and taking you between redwood trees up to 118 years old.

Day 19 : Rotorua - Discover New Zealand’s Cultural Heart

You will follow the footprints of the Maori in New Zealand with a cultural tour guided by the Tuhourangi. You will begin by following the geothermal activity of the Waimangu Volcanic Valley. Mud seethes and silica terraces steam as you follow the walkways and listen to the story of the 1886 eruption. It will look as though a paintbrush has decorated the landscape, and you will find acid-yellow and lime-green terraces hiding behind puffs of smoke. The Inferno Crater Lake is the world’s largest geyser and causes the water to reach temperatures up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

The silica deposits make the edges of the lake resemble snow and the water a captivating sky-blue hue. Your guide will showcase how locals continue to use the boiling waters as a cooking vessels and how the thermal water heats baskets of food, such as chicken, beef, potato, and carrots. You will continue on a scenic drive past the Blue and Green Lakes to the Buried Village. The archeological site was covered in mud and volcanic ash and rebuilt using ponga and tree ferns, representing the former tribal lands of the Tuhourangi.

Day 20 : Auckland - Transfer to New Zealand’s Largest City

You will travel away from the charms of Rototura to reach the cosmopolitan allure of Auckland in the morning. On the way, your private driver will take you to the Waitomo Caves in search of the fascinating glowworms. You will board a boat and travel in the subterranean canals as the scent of wet limestone fills the cavernous space. Stalactites will dangle from the ceiling like stone icicles that formed over 30 million years ago. The darkness will reveal the unique intensity of the glowworms that shine from green to yellow. The sound of water droplets will echo through the caves as you cruise to the exit and continue to the fantastical realm of Middle Earth.

At Hobbiton, you can follow in the footsteps of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins on the actual set where the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trilogies were filmed. The aromas of meat pie and local beer will fill the Green Dragon Inn, where Samwise Gamgee longed for love, and you can stand in the doorway of Frodo’s home. When you reach Auckland, you will have the remainder of the day at your leisure to rejuvenate in the comforts of the Sofitel Auckland Viaduct Harbour. French elegance will blend with the vibrant spirit of Auckland’s seaside setting where you can look out onto the wading sailboats that support Auckland’s nickname the City of Sails.

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