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Duration : 12 Nights / 13 Days
Destinations : Hamilton Island, Nadi, Coral Coast, Sigatoka, Sydney, Viti Levu, Brisbane

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12 Nights 13 Days

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Daily Tour

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Day 1 : Welcome to Tropical Luxury

Verdant rainforest reaches the Fijian islands end to end, bordered by golden and white sand beaches where the water laps at the coastline. The South Pacific is colored with stunning turquoise ocean and rainbow coral reefs. Hibiscus flowers imitate the lavish reds of the coral reefs when they blossom in the forest trees. You arrive at the Nadi International Airport where your private transfer is waiting to meet you. An elegant combination of scents, from sugar cane to hibiscus and coconut, sweeps across the island.

You travel to the Coral Coast where your resort is situated near the town of Sigatoka. Sugar cane rises out of the fertile landscape of an encompassing prairie with a background of undulating mountains. At the center of town, a produce market bustles with fresh vegetables grown on the surrounding farmland and fruit picked straight from the trees. Palm trees dance in the light breeze. You settle into your resort with a 360-degree view of Natadola Bay, bordered by crystal clear waters, and enveloped by verdant hills. The comforts of paradise have just begun

Day 2 : Upper Hand

You wake up to the sounds of the water lapping at the secluded beach. The water is temperate and refreshing. The sun glistens off of the ocean and adds an extra sprinkle of light to the day. Breakfast is filled with remarkable exotic local produce, from succulent rambutan to the sweet juice of large pineapple. After breakfast, your guide meets you at the hotel and takes you into the remote highlands around the Upper Navua River. The waterway has wound its way through the mountainous landscape, creating deep caverns along the island’s rainforest interior.

The water is comfortably chilled and calm. The Navua River runs approximately 40 miles from the mountainous region until spilling out into the Pacific. The emerald water imitates the lavish color of the forest brush. The cavernous walls border the water and climb upwards. You pass a collection of waterfalls spilling over the layered limestone rocks and splashing into the river. You can hear the rushing sound of rapids in the distance, but you stay on the serene path, gently drifting down the river with the luxurious jungle surrounding you.

Day 3 : Costal Clarity

Your resort is more than quiet in the morning; it is tranquil, filled with nothing more than the sounds of the ocean current pushing and pulling against the sand. At breakfast, you can sip your fresh brewed coffee, bite into a coconut taken that morning from a tree, and watch the tide Pacific wade in and out. Your guide once again meets you at your hotel and escorts you to the marina where you can board a schooner ready to sail you around the sensational Fijian archipelago, directly to Tivua Island. The landmass is connected to the Mamanuca Islands with over 500 acres of reef encircling the coastline.

Grab a snorkel, put on some goggles, and let the tropical water embrace you. You can float in the serene ocean letting the current guide you over the coral reef. There are over 250 types of soft and hard coral across the Fijian islands. The soft coral rises out of the seafloor like a tree in the wind, its tendrils waving with the flowing tide. The hard coral stands firm and porous like a rugged but brightly hued mountain. Parrotfish can grow up to 20 inches in length with fluorescent scales reminiscent of the reef. They swim around the coral with aplomb, ignoring your presence and blending into the vibrant colors.

Day 4 : Tropical Leisure

When you wake up in the morning with the remainder of the day to do as much or as little as you desire. Spend time digging your toes into the powder-white sand on the resort beach. Linger under the sunlight to let the warmth drape over your skin. Near Sigatoka is the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park. The park inhabits over 1,606 acres of rolling dunes. Some grow as tall as 198 feet encompassing thousands of years of history, where archeologists have excavated pottery and stone tools. The dunes separate the coastline from the forest, rising and falling with grace and drama. The sand is soft with bristly areas. The sky remains an open bright blue. From the base of the dunes, you can still hear the water brushing against the beach.

Day 5 : Island Town to Cosmopolitan Mainland

The day begins with the unrivaled view of the coastline at your doorstep. Your days in the tropical sunshine of Fiji come to an end. Your private transfer meets you at the hotel after breakfast and takes you back to Nadi International Airport where you board your flight to Sydney, Australia. Sydney is a city filled with tremendous energy. The downtown skyline lingers near the harbor. The Sydney Opera House stands raised against the cobalt water with an elegant roof resembling casting sails. The Harbour Bridge arches over the water with a graceful steel frame.

The Rocks outdoor shopping center weaves in and out of a historic brick factory. It is also where the Aborigine tribes first looked out over the coming English in the 18th century. Your flight lands at the airport where you private transfer awaits you. Soon you have settled into the lavish comforts of your centrally located hotel with a view to the water. Boats dot the sea, casting their sails against the coastal wind and standing out against the greenery of the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Day 6 : Contemporary Guidance

The island leisure time of Fiji has been replaced by the fast paced but relaxed atmosphere of Sydney. The city comes to vibrant life in the morning with people passing through downtown quickly and efficiently, but an air of the laidback beachside attitude remains. After breakfast, your guide meets you at the hotel where you begin your tour of the cityscape, venturing through elegant gardens, famous beaches, and admiring the famous architecture of the Sydney Opera House.

The coastal breeze brings in the pleasurable fragrance of the sea. A brick esplanade leads you to the majestic building, encircling the edifice to create a separate podium. The ceiling opens slightly like a flower frozen in mid-blossom, meant to resemble the sails of a large ship. The opera house opened in the 1970s positioned 13 feet above sea level. The roof is glazed with ceramic tiles that reflect the sunlight providing the visible opulence. The interior maintains a shell shape that creates the blissful acoustics that carry throughout the main hall. The stunning construction is an icon of the city and Australia, a landmark that graciously reminds you of where you are.

Day 7 : Rugged Beauty

Wake up to the energy of Sydney rushing around you, from downtown to Sydney Harbour, across the artsy neighborhood of Glebe and the bohemian streets of Newtown. The day is yours to experience the city at your whim and pleasure, from cycling along the Manly Beach Scenic Walkway to enjoying celebrity chef Mat Moran’s farm to table restaurant at Chiswick’s. Blue Mountains National Park encompasses an area of 1,034 square miles and in actuality is an uplifted plateau. Located a short distance outside of the city you wind through the mountain roads to find Nepean River coiling along the basin.

Beech trees offer a spiced aroma blending with the craggy soil. Mount Werong stands almost 4,000 feet above sea level and as the highest point of the national park. Bridal Veil Falls pours out of the upper plateau sneaking between the verdant trees. The water trickles over the cliff and looks like a sensual extending veil. For an unbeatable panorama you can stand at Echo Point, a small balcony jutting over the cliffside. The top of the sandstone plateau is visible underneath the vast layer of the forest.

Day 8 : Secluded Island Comforts

After breakfast, your private transfer shuttles you to the airport for your flight to sensational Hamilton Island, located off the Australia’s eastern coast near Queensland. The moment the plane lands you feel the particular pace of island life returning. Walkways crisscross rocky hillsides providing blissful sea views over powder white beaches. Windsurfers catch the wake and the breeze together, sending them upwards of 10 feet off of the water before touching back down. Passage Peak stands 788 feet above sea level and offers a remarkable view of azure water surrounding the island. Your private transfer meets you at the airport and takes you to your pristine resort hotel surrounded by lush blossoming gardens and a natural yet luxurious style.

Day 9 : Pleasures of Whitsundays

You wake up and know you could spend the rest of your life happy in a secluded tropical paradise. The waves around Hamilton Island can grow steeper than those you saw in Fiji. The water is comfortably warm and beautifully colored. The lush trees across the island have a similar fragrance, filled with richness absent of pine or sweetness. After breakfast, you board a 79-foot catamaran and sail across the turquoise water. When the wind picks up the water splashes against the hull of the boat. The breeze is cool and refreshing beneath the hot Australian sun.

You cruise to around the Whitsundays, an island group of soft white beaches and tropical trees, including Hamilton Island, and inhabiting 73 other islands. The water turns to crystal shades of indigo sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef. You reach the shores of Whitehaven Beach, known for its pristine silica sand. The powder sifts between your toes and sticks to your feet. The beach stretches for over four miles, bordered by verdant tropical rainforest and brilliant water. From the northern edges of Hill Inlet, you can look down on the beach and watch the white sand swirl into the aquamarine water or just relax on the shore and let the sunlight wash over the coastline.

Day 10 : Finding Greatness in the Coral

The gentle sounds of the morning return. The days are filled with splendor, from the pure sandy shores to the hiking trails winding through the trees. Today you can venture to across the water once more, boarding a luxurious nearly 80-foot long catamaran and making your way to Reefworld, a stationary pontoon situated above Hardy Reef. From above the water, the reef looks like pockets of shifting seafloor, but from below you can see the shimmering coral iridescent with color. The coral that coils up Queensland coastline creates 2,900 individual reefs.

The pontoon is situated in shallow water and protected by the natural conditions the surrounding reefs provide. Jump into the water for a reef safari, following a guide through the reef to better understand the colors of the coral and sensational marine life. Clownfish hide in the undulating glowing tentacles of anemones. These fish can grow up to seven inches long and feed on leftovers from their hosting anemone. The clownfish is apparent for its vibrant orange coloration separated by white stripes. Whether on the pontoon or wading in the water inches away from the reef, the splendor of the Whitsundays is abundant.

Day 11 : Unwinding Whitsundays

The day is yours to indulge in the beauty of Hamilton Island as you please, from kayaking around the indigo waters to laying beneath a beachside cabana. After breakfast, you can take a course along the 12 miles of walking trails that traverse the island. Passage Peak trail is shaded by epic rainforest canopy that opens up the dramatic views of the island. The small coastal breeze rustles through the leaves providing a refreshing, cooling sweep of air. The trail highlights 35 different colors of hibiscus flowers situated in the jungle brush.

When you reach the ridge, you have a shaded view of the coastline before ascending the climb to the peak. A collection of stairs leads the way to the summit where you have a panorama of the Whitsunday Islands including seeing all the way to Whitehaven Beach. The hibiscus can grow up to 33 feet tall with heart-shaped leaves structuring the canopy. The flowers have yellow petals and a purple center. Orchids blossom in the light piercing through the brush. You can see white-bellied sea eagles swooping down over the water in search of a fresh meal.

Day 12 : Tropical Takeaways

You listen to the morning brush of the ocean current before breakfast. Afterward, your private transfer meets you at the hotel and takes you to the airport for your flight to Brisbane. The riverside town bursts with friendly and youthful energy with a consistent art scene and popular coffee houses. Lush parks set countryside greenery next to historic buildings. Locals jog along the riverbanks and kayak in the water. You land at the airport and have the day at your whim and pleasure to explore your exciting surroundings.

City Hall was constructed in the 1930s and has preserved its immaculate sandstone edifice complete with massive Corinthian columns. The clock tower stands 280 feet tall casting a shadow over the open courtyard in the foreground. Vaulted ceilings provide a spacious ambiance that make your footsteps echo against the lavish tile. The auditorium housed the first Rolling Stones concert in 1965 and maintained its mahogany and bluegum wooden floors. The charm of the city permeates even the unexpected, taking you from tropical beaches to riverside luster.

Day 13 : Out of the City

The morning light lingers over the river and moves with the water’s slight current. Locals walk their dogs alongside the river, meandering around the waterside pathway. The skyline rises and falls, boats float past the walkway on a midmorning joyride. The city center has a sleepy feeling but radiant energy you have enjoyed. After breakfast, your private transfer meets you at the hotel and escorts you to the airport for your flight home. You have waded in opulent tropical waters and cruised around famous harbors, soaking in the luxuries of the Southern Hemisphere.

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