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Duration : 07 Nights / 08 Days
Destinations : Sofia, Govedartsi

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7 Nights 8 Days

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Daily Tour

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Day 1

We meet you at Sofia Airport and transfer you to a city center hotel.

Day 2

A panoramic walking route takes you across the crest of Mount Vitosha, including climbing the local high point of Cherni Vrah (2290m/7513ft) as a prelude to the arduous, yet more picturesque hiking treks across the Rila. Along the way, you cross the broad alpine meadows of the Torfeno Branishte Nature Reserve, dip into old spruce groves and follow a path to the stone rivers of the Zlatni Mostove (The Golden Bridges) natural feature. From here, you are transferred to the Rila Mountains and the village of Govedartsi for three overnight stays. (5hrs of walking; 13,5km/8,39miles; climbing 554m/1818ft and descending 977m/3205ft.)

Day 3

A circular route through the low parts of the Rila above Govedartsi prepares you for more difficult hiking treks to come. Rambling along the path, you enjoy a fascinating kaleidoscope of changing landscapes and wonderful panoramas of rocky peaks and deep valleys in the Malyovitsa part of the mountain. (5-6hrs of walking; 20km/13miles, climbing 705m/2313ft and descending 725m/2379ft.)

Day 4

A shaded path through the Rila’s ancient spruce forests takes you up to the alpine parts of the mountain and the Cirque of the Seven Rila Lakes. Located at between 2100 and 2500 metres (6900 to 8200ft) above sea level, these famous glacier lakes will charm you with their magnificent scenery which you can survey from the edge of the highest one. (5-6 hrs of walking; 18,7km/11,6miles, climbing and descending 1310m/4298ft)

Day 5

Today’s route takes you to the beautiful Malyovitsa Valley and thence high over the alpine peaks sheltering the secretive Strashno Ezero (The Scary) Lake. More enthusiastic mountaineers may opt for an alternative hiking trek to the Malyovitsa summit which offers incredible views over the nearby crests and peaks of the Rila. At the end of the day, you are transferred for three overnight stays at the Borovets ski resort. (5-7,30hrs of walking; from 12km/7miles to 18,7km/11,6miles, climbing and descending from 880m/2887ft to 1600m/5249ft.)

Day 6

Today, you can opt between a brisk morning walk (combined with an afternoon visit at the King’s hunting residence in Borovets) and a rather longer (yet not steep) hiking trek to another less-visited part of the Rila. The route passes through ancient coniferous woods and continues along the Maritsa River valley, gently climbing to the Royal hunting lodge at Saragiol, from where you return to Borovets along a different route (or use the chairlift to cut the mileage down to 25km). (From 2 to 8hrs of walking; from 8,10km/5miles to 29,40km/18,3miles, climbing from 20m/65,6ft to 1261m/4137ft and descending from 255m/836,6ft to 1261m/4137ft.)

Day 7

The attempt on the Balkans’ highest summit Musala (2925m/9596ft) is left for the ultimate day. The hiking is not particularly arduous, yet is particularly panoramic, with the rocky face of Musala visible the whole time while you transit a number of Cirques, glacier lakes and mountain shelters. The view from the peak to surrounding uplands and peaks is head-turning. (5-6hrs of walking; 14,20km/8,82miles; climbing and descending 690m/2264ft)

Day 8

Transfer from Borovets to Sofia Airport.

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