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Duration : 04 Nights / 05 Days
Destinations : Copenhagen, Kangerlussuaq

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4 Nights 5 Days

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Daily Tour

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Day 1 : Flight from Copenhagen, Denmark - Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

After arrival in Kangerlussuaq we will check in at one of our logdes, Polar Logde or Old Camp. Afterwards we will take a walk through the settlement. The small settlement of Kangerlussuaq is home to about 500 residents, which is less than 1% of Greenland’s entire population, yet through the years (thousands, in fact!), the residents of Kangerlussuaq have played a significant role in Greenland’s history and global contributions. During the walk we will look at Kangerlussuaq Museum. A part of the city airport, Kangerlussuaq Museum narrates the history of flight in Greenland. From 1960 to 1962 this site served as the center of air command for the American base in Greenland. After a good long day with a lot of impressions we will have dinner at Restaurant Roklubben (The Rowing club) at the shore of Lake Ferguson.

Day 2 : Excursion to the Ice Sheet and Russel Glacier. Introduction to dogsledding.

After breakfast at the lodge we will go on a 4WD vehicle toward the ice. Our adventure to the area’s most remarkable glacier requires transport with a tundra coach, a 4WD vehicle, which is designed to take on the rocky, changeable terrain and gravel roads. This leg of our journey takes approximately 1.5 hours. On the way, we will be on the lookout for wildlife, such as reindeer and musk oxen, and listen to stories from our guide about the area’s history. The inland ice sheet is one of Greenland’s biggest attractions. Known as the Greenland Ice Sheet, it covers 80% of the island’s surface and is second in size to the world’s only other ice sheet in Antarctica. Due to climatic and environmental changes, its mass continues to decrease as more ice melts into the surrounding seas. On this tour, our destination is the strikingly beautiful Russell Glacier, which stands like a wall of ice – reaching up to 60 meters (197 feet) at certain points – in sharp contrast to the surrounding land and icescapes. After arriving to Russell Glacier, you can hike along the glacier’s edge, and simply enjoy its immensity. Here, the roar of melting and morphing ice structures are the only sounds that disrupt the peaceful silence. You will find many excellent locations for close-up photography and panoramas. After an hour spent enjoying the fantastic glacial surroundings and nature’s might, we will leave Russell Glacier behind, just as we found it – pristine, magnificent and unforgettable.

When we return from the ice excursion, we will have a short introduction to dogsledding for the trip, the day after. The sled dogs have been an important part of the Inuit culture for more than 4000 years. They were used for hunting, fishing and transportation of goods between settlements in the winter. This is still the case today, even though many Greenlanders now use snowmobiles instead. The mushers use a very special technique to adjust the pace and the direction of the dogs, which is why the dogs must be educated from an early age. The dog sled musher, or driver, will also show us the dog sled and demonstrate the harness and whip. The Greenlandic sled dog is not a pet, but a strong and faithful working animal, which can be aggressive. As a result, you always must keep your distance. But our driver will point out which of his dogs you can pet. Please note, it can be dirty and smelly at the dog kennel.

Day 3 : Dogsled tour, Northern lights and Greenlandic coffee

After breakfast at the lodge we will get ready for the exciting dogsled tour. To ensure you are comfortably warm during the drive, we provide the same type of outerwear and footwear that actually many drivers prefer, including warm fur clothing and good boots with appropriate insulation that can withstand the biting cold temperatures and wind. Spending any time above the Arctic Circle during the winter sledding months certainly calls for a classic dog sledding experience. Not only will you gain new respect for the Greenlandic sled dog’s keen abilities and innate environmental awareness while on a dog sledding expedition, but you will also better understand the importance of sled dogs to man’s survival and everyday life north of the Arctic Circle. It is truly a heartwarming cultural experience. Here in Kangerlussuaq, the fjord offers the opportunity for a sledding excursion across the frozen, flat ice, which can provide a more pleasant, smoother ride than when driving across hilly terrain.

After dinner we will look out for Northern Lights. The town lies within the shelter of Greenland Ice Sheet, the fjord and mountains, which contribute to its stable climate, minimal cloud cover and roughly 300 clear nights per year. Adding to this, Kangerlussuaq utilizes artificial lighting sparingly and the backcountry’s cloak of darkness lies just a short drive away. Gazing skyward, you are likely to see brilliant, green bands or flapping curtains of color waving across the celestial sphere. Shades of red, blue and violet are likely as well. While we are enjoying the fabulous view our guide will even give us a chance to warm up our evening under this privileged spectacle, by preparing a delicious cup of ”Greenlandic coffee”, a strong drink akin to Irish coffee with whiskey, Kahlua, coffee and whipped cream. Finally, a spoon of flaming hot Grand Marnier is poured on top!

Day 4 : Tundra safari and Greenlandic dinner.

After breakfast we will go out an explore the tundra. The trip takes place on one of our tough, off-road 4WD vehicle, which are outfitted to accommodate transport in the Arctic’s winter terrain. We will follow a route through the beautiful tundra landscape, while the guide tells us about the surrounding flora and fauna. With a bit of luck, we will observe musk oxen roaming freely in their natural habitat around Kangerlussuaq and learn about these incredible creatures. We will also be on the lookout for other wildlife in the area, such as reindeer. Geologically-speaking, Kangerlussuaq’s history dates back 2.8 – 2.7 billion years, and at least once, the area has been completely frozen over in ice from Kangerlussuaq to the coastal town of Sisimiut. This is evidenced by the area’s rigid, moraine landscapes and in the generally lower geological reliefs, in comparison to the geological mass that lies to the north. In other words, the geological structure of Kangerlussuaq’s mountain landscapes has been eroded by ice through the ages.

This Greenlandic buffet feast includes an incredible selection of many different dishes, which are almost entirely prepared from Greenlandic products. Please note, the buffet must be ordered in advance.

At the evening we will have a delicious Greenlandic dinner. Examples of the menu selections; shrimp, fish, smoked musk ox and reindeer, mattak (a dish made from the fatty skin of narwhales and beluga whales), scallops, fried musk ox, reindeer, homemade cake and much more.

Day 5 : Breakfast at the lodge before departure from Kangerlussuaq

After breakfast we will go to the airport and fly back to Copenhagen.

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